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The "New Album" Thread - Susan McKagan says album is coming

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6 hours ago, 19AT5 said:

If you take you're eye off the Dead Daisies for as much as a minute, there is a line up change! I remember watching an interview with Fortus and Dizzy about the time of first/second album,  then next time I saw an interview it was with Corabi and Marco Mendoza! And now Glenn Hughes is in there. How on earth they manage to continue to spit out albums with that many changes is beyond me.

They didn't intend for it to be a set lineup always.

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Grandma's hamster has never been in safer hands.

I like the idea of being on my death bed, saying "just refresh that page one more time for me....I'm pretty sure that insider was full of shit, but I want to be totally sure....." 

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On 2/25/2021 at 3:44 PM, MaskingApathy said:

The earlier Dead Daisies albums aren't that great imo but the new one (with Glenn Hughes and Doug Aldrich) is amazing. Not a bad song on it and it blows all the earlier ones with Fortus/Dizzy out of the water.

Revolucion > Holy Ground > Burn It Down > The Dead Daisies > Make Some Noise.

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31 minutes ago, TheDemocracyRose said:

Fernando said we had nothing to worry about regarding new music this year... 🙃

Which (in Portuguese) kind of means, "don't keep waiting on it, when it happens, it happens".

What have we become my fellow GNR hardcore fans? A bunch of starving mules chasing a carrot!

What have we become?


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The last time Fernando said some thing about GN'R releasing new music was when he claimed that a 30 year old demo was "new music. 

Unless it has to do with children's books, UYI sweaters or nite lights, I wouldn't put any stock into what Fernando has to say one way or the other. 

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