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Best TV Shows of the Decade


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pref shows that started this decade but if you’re insistent on including Breaking Bad and/or Mad Men I cant fault you. 

Mine  -

The Americans


The Leftovers 


Bojack Horseman


The Good Place



Better Call Saul

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Crazy Ex Girlfriend 


American Horror Story: Asylum 





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The ones that come to mind first:

Twin Peaks: The Return

Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4

The Leftovers

Breaking Bad Season 5

Watchmen Season 1

True Detective Season 1

American Crime Story Season 1

Black Mirror


Don't get me started on the worst one though.


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The Blacklist 

The Mandalorian 

Money Heist 

Stranger Things

Bates Motel

The Americans

The Crossing

Guys Grocery Games


Just Passing Through (Canadiana web series on YT)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Great News


Anne with an E


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Favourite tv shows in the 2010s that I would recommend, ranked:

  1. Fleabag
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. The Daily Show with John Stewart/The Colbert Report
  4. Game of Thrones (would have been number one or two if it weren't for the last season)
  5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  6. Justified
  7. Bojack Horseman
  8. Big Mouth
  9. Fargo
  10. Louie
  11. Archer
  12. Rake (original Australian version)
  13. Mindhunter
  14. Better Call Saul
  15. Narcos
  16. GLOW
  17. The Newsroom
  18. American Crime Story
  19. Black Mirror
  20. Silicon Valley
  21. Boardwalk Empire
  22. The Handmaids Tale
  23. Master of None
  24. Treme
  25. Love Death +Robots
  26. Atlanta
  27. Homeland
  28. The Umbrella Academy
  29. Afterlife
  30. The Boys
  31. Abstract
  32. Girls
  33. Bob's Burgers
  34. Russia Doll
  35. Stranger Things
  36. Vice Principals
  37. Orange is the New Black
  38. Masters of Sex
  39. Lost in Space
  40. The End of the Fucking World
  41. Bates Motel
  42. True Detective
  43. Hannibal
  44. Episodes
  45. Hello Ladies
  46. Daybreak


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Just now, AtariLegend said:

Finally got to see see Season 2 and 3 of the Leftovers over the past week.

It really was a fantastic show.

Probably could have made a top 10 out off only HBO shows.

thought it was a good show but what was really annoying I thought was the overuse of music in the show. Like you watch it for a few minutes and another fuckin' song is playing instead of a dialogue taking place. Ruined it for me.

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