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01/31/20 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena **SWEET CHILD TELEVISED ON FOX**NOW WITH MORE SNOOP DOGG**

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I think I have a good perspective as I saw NILT 6 times, including night one in Vegas and the amazing Apollo show in NYC. Here is my takeaway from the show.  I’m not going to even mention the set

With all due respect, coming from a guy who travels to the UK often for work and has many friends there, why do people like you feel the need to attack/trash/insult an entire country?  Yet, here you a

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5 minutes ago, GN'RSince86 said:

As a loyal fan since 1986 I don't give a fuck what people, fans or critics say about this band. Assholes are like opinions - everybody has got one. ;) Just glad that I can - unlike before sit and listen to it live, as before you have to wait until one crappy bootleg was leaked on a tape. Or maybe not even hear it at all. 

I appreciate your opinion, but it has been said numerous times over the last 4 years. It's time to stop apologising for this band's laziness. 

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I'm sure it will be a normal NITL show, but the encore isn't in the setlist picture so there's still a small chance they add something interesting before Paradise City. Wonder what cover it will be? :lol:

So far Axl sounds about as good as his normal 2018-19 self, it's definitely not the worst start to a tour he's had, but he still sounds rough. That heavy part in Better though... :confused:

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Just now, AxlRoseCDII said:

Not saying Axl is doomed or his voice is dead but not a good performance here...very rough.

We've seen the same pattern year after year. Whatever prep he is doing before tours, if any is woefully inadequate.

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Just a reminder that because some sad lowlifes out there read this forum just to report copyright strikes (in an effort to get this place shut down), we have to remove all links and videos of live performances from Facebook and other social media. 

People are free to discuss here what they see and hear from other social media platforms.

We wish it wasn’t this way but not much we can do when there are sad assholes out there that only feel important by ruining everything for everyone else.  

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