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01/31/20 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena **SWEET CHILD TELEVISED ON FOX**NOW WITH MORE SNOOP DOGG**

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4 minutes ago, Gunner55 said:

Wife had a good chuckle over how poor Axl sounded. 

Band was tight, but why pick a song he's sounded so weak on for the longest time for national TV? I get it, it's their mainstream hit, but Jungle would have been much better if that's what we were going for. 

I wonder who picked the song? The band? Axl? The network?

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2 minutes ago, DownUnderScott said:

I wonder who picked the song? The band? Axl? The network?

I'd guess combination of Axl and the network, but more the network. They aren't fans, they just know SCOM as the big hit so they probably didn't even need to think about it haha. 

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2 minutes ago, TheSeeker said:

If Twitter is any indication, barely anyone is watching this


Yeesh. Those posts! That's just about as bad as it gets. I legitimately feel sorry for Axl. Why they chose to play, broadcast it, it's exposure all right but unfortunately, the worst possible kind. 

I still want to see for myself, though. Anyone record it?

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Just now, wrolk said:


Been listen to some clips ... its downhill since 2010 .... Dont get it ... been superfan since 88.... So sad right now

Don’t you dare to have a pair of functioning ears and common sense! Don’t you see that you’re creating a toxic environment here?

Jokes aside you’re absolutely right. This is Axl’s lowest point in his career. Even 2012-2014 was better. And it looks like he doesn’t care.

And I’m going to see them in less than two months!!! 

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