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01/31/20 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena **SWEET CHILD TELEVISED ON FOX**NOW WITH MORE SNOOP DOGG**

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I think I have a good perspective as I saw NILT 6 times, including night one in Vegas and the amazing Apollo show in NYC. Here is my takeaway from the show.  I’m not going to even mention the set

With all due respect, coming from a guy who travels to the UK often for work and has many friends there, why do people like you feel the need to attack/trash/insult an entire country?  Yet, here you a

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7 minutes ago, Towelie said:

Does JBJ lip-synch now?

Not from videos ive seen. But in the "bon jovi disaster thread" the vocals dont seem to excite fans. The lip synching i was probably directing  that to Paul stanley.

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3 hours ago, MaskingApathy said:

It's cool that they did You're Crazy but it's pretty clear that Axl didn't rehearse at all. Otherwise it's just another regular show. Good that they dropped the other covers but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them return later. I caught the highlights on tv and of course the only person on stage there who is worth the price of admission is Slash. Would've been nice to see a song that wasn't SCOM but at least we get GnR on network tv. 

Honestly I'm just waiting around until they get SMKC going again. It won't be this year but possibly next. I would like a nice long tour though, not the shorter one they did for LTD.

I go to GNR shows to see Slash, Duff and Fortus as much as to see Axl. 

If there's no new GNR music then bring on SMKC. Such a great band. I'm in for a longer tour next time and they'll definitely have new music. I'd have more of Duff and The Shooter band too

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17 minutes ago, Caedo said:

Axl's definitely dropped a few kg's since November looking at the proshot.

Also, the upload time filter on Youtube is your friend...

He looks the same or thinner than in DL18 proshot, and he was much bigger in 2019 than in 2018. So yeah he definitely lost some weight

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When I hear SCOM live it kinda reminds me of how someone would falsetto it in the shower. There’s no power or delivery whatsoever. Just a guy playing it safe, squeaking his way through it and to be honest it sounds absolutely shite 

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1 hour ago, Azifwekare said:

Why can't the band just sound good? Anyway, people should just pretend to like it or else they're, like, creating such a toxic environment, y'know?

Band sounds very good in this proshot, Slash is spot on. Only Axl sounds a bit weak but he never really did this song a justice 

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5 hours ago, Dangom1 said:

When Axl spoke about Kobe before Heaven's door, he said something about leaving rehearsal, so he was rehearsing before the Miami show, maybe just maybe, they are working on new songs for the upcoming tour and didn't feel ready to do it in Miami? Fingers crossed 

Yes, seems like he rehearsed.

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