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03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

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1 hour ago, Tom2112 said:

Yeah, You obviously know absolutely nothing👍 but knock yourself out with inaccurate opinions😉

VH released a different kind of truth in 2012 which was largely a collection of material from the late 70s... the press knew this, but still loved it. Please explain, ha! Checkmate bud!

*Edit* Chinese came out in 2008, count with me, yes! That's right! 👏12 years, not 20+ D- for your effort though👨‍🏫

Yeah the late 70's was their golden writing era... VH1 and 2 were spawned from that.

If GNR 2020 were retooling songs from the 80's people would be optimistic, I reckon. 


This is the equivalent of VH raiding the Gary Cherone era for gems. 



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2 hours ago, Stiff Competition said:

While it’s neat they will play a new song and it gives solidity to the idea of a new album, what’s sad/disappointing is that it means hard school is likely the lead single which only goes to show that the band isn’t actually writing new shit and if they are, they clearly don’t believe in its quality. They are simply finishing Axl’s not-good-enough-for-Chinese Democracy songs and calling it the new album. I know we mostly figured that would be the case and bands often rehash un-used material for new albums but it just drives home the point of how half assed this half-ass reunion has been and will continue to be.

Please stop with the idea that anything left off Chinese wasn’t good enough. The intention was to release multiple albums. Chinese was not a best of. 

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