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05/20/20 - Lisbon, PT - Passeio Martimo De Alges

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Going to this! the lure of gnr on a beach in lisbon, was too much to resist! Even if it's  probably the same thing as previous years. Mainly going for the super bock!  

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Fuck, I’m usually in Portugal every summer and this venue looks awesome! Wish I was going, but this is one of the rare years that I’m staying stateside for the summer. Fuck me!

Oh well, at least I get to see Liam Gallagher and RHCP that same week at Boston Calling, and then GnR and Smashing Pumpkins at Fenway in July. It’ll have to do!

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Im really hoping this doesn’t cancel, we’re getting so close to the date, lets hope since we’ve missed heaps of live dates Azl can maybe squeeze in a new song or 2... maybe even just Hard Skool lmao

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Posted (edited)

Well finally an update, it's postponed but no idea when the new date will be announced. No mention about refunds

 Due to the current situation regarding corona virus Covid-19, in accordance
with recommendations from government agencies and limitations imposed by the
state of calamity for the month of may, the @gunsnroses show scheduled for the
20th of may is postponed.

We are working towards a new date that we expect to share soon, along with all
the information regarding tickets. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

See Tickets

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On 1/10/2020 at 8:49 AM, baldek said:

Going to this one. How awesome would it be to witness the "New chapter" (I'm going to regret having said this) live for the first time!

Here's a peek of the venue:




Picture pretty. This is, if in a big,  picture size, a framable picture.

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Nearly 11 weeks at this point since ticketmaster emailed about this gig...  so why are the American dates getting the refund and rescheduling before Europe? surely first come, first serve? Might have something to do with sales being down in the US? 

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