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Help with Nightrain lick

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Hi guys,

I am just learning Nightrain but unfortunately I cannot figure out this little lick Slash plays during the verse section. 

Here it is at 1:03 

And here you can see it at 0:47

I think the second one might be 5-3-0 on string b. But I might be wrong and besides I do think the lick in the first video sounds better. 

Do you know what to play? I appreciate your help very much.  


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On 21.3.2020 at 2:13 PM, Voodoochild said:

I think yours sound better indeed. Didnt see much difference from what Slash plays actually. Do you think something is missing?

Hi, Unfortunately I did not see your post until now. 

There is a misunderstanding :-) I am not the player in those videos. I just tried to figure out what is being played in them. 

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Hopefully my tab turns out okay. I'll tab just the string being played. The first guy plays it like this:


Hit the D note, bend it a step up and then release the bend down to the C note.

Second guy plays it like this.



Same notes technically, but missing the bend. Slash definitely plays it with the bend so that's why the first guy sounds better. Truer to the song, as it were.

You can play it in either spot, though. You could easily bend the D note on the B string and it'll amount to the same thing.

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