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What if you were picking the tracks on a new GN'R best of album?

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Not based on personal preference but rather what is generally considered to be their best and well known material. I had to sneak a Chinese song in there for a more complete representation of their catalogue. Also I fucking love Better.

1. Welcome To The Jungle
2. It's so Easy
3. Nightrain
4. Paradise City
5. Sweet Child O'Mine
6. Patience
7. Live And Let Die
8. Don't Cry
9. November Rain
10. Civil War
11. Yesterdays
12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
13. Estranged
14. You Could Be Mine
15. Better

honorable mentions: Rocket Queen, Mr. Brownstone, You're Crazy (acoustic)

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For a minute I kinda got scared that the reddit guy has infiltrated this forum and enlisted his fake tracklistings here 

Reckless Life Perfect Crime There Was A Time Night Train Double Talkin Jive You Could Be Mine Rocket Queen Welcome to the Jungle Pretty Tied Up

Main criteria: - Avoiding the "greatest hits" logic as much as possible. - Representative of the versatility and evolution of the band (and telling its story, in a way). Welcome to the

Ha good topic

Gonna blow all you's out of the water with mine. Fuck all the overplayed cliché songs

Here we go!! 


1. You Could Be Mine 

2. One in a Million 

3. Yesterdays (Las Vegas 92 Live Era) 

4. Knocking on Heavens Door (Marquee 87 Live) 

5. 14 Years 

6. Think About You 

7. Mama Kin 

8. Dust N Bones 

9. Used to Love Her 

10. Right Next Door to Hell 

11. Estranged 

12. The Garden 

13. Rocket Queen 

14. Madagascar (Live Rock in Rio 2001) 

15. Locomotive (Shoreline 1991) 

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1. Welcome to the Jungle

2. It’s So Easy

3. Nightrain

4. Sweet Child O’ Mine

5. Paradise City

6. Patience

7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Ritz ‘88)

8. Civil War

9. You Could Be Mine

10. Don’t Cry (Orig)

11. Live And Let Die

12. November Rain

13. Yesterdays

14. Estranged

15. Sorry (w/Slash n’ Duff)

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1. November Rain

2. Rocket Queen (Live Version) 

3. Estranged

4. Welcome to the Jungle

5. Coma

6. Mr Brownstone

7. Better

8. Patience

9. Don’t Cry (Alternative Version) 

10. Locomotive

11. Paradise City

12. Sweet Child O’ Mine

13. Civil War

14. Dead Horse



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22 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Welcome To The Jungle
Reckless Life
Rocket Queen
You're Crazy [Lies]
Civil War [Live in Paris 1992]
Don't Cry (Alt.) [Live in Prague 1992]
Dead Horse
Dust N' Bones
Oh My God
There Was A Time

Live in Paris. Nice! I've seen that show hundreds of times but never get sick of it

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Guns N' Roses - Loaded Gun 

1. Welcome To The Jungle (Rittz '88)

2. Civil War 

3. Coma

4. Sweet Child O' Mine (Demo '86)

5. Dust In The Wind (Argentina '93)

6. It's So Easy

7. I.R.S. (Rock Am Ring '06)

8. Nightrain

9. Estranged (Rock In Rio II '91)

10. Double Talkin' Jive 

11. There Was A Time

12. Down On The Farm 

13. Garden Of Eden

14. November Rain (Acoustic Version)

15. Oh My God 

Featuring a DVD full performance of Rock In Rio II and the Perfect Crime documentary. 

I made a new list. Bored at lunch break... Lol 



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  1. Civil War
  2. Nightrain
  3. Dead Horse
  4. Coma
  5. Madagasgar
  6. Shadow Of Your Love
  7. November Rain
  8. Patience
  9. It's So Easy
  10. Estranged
  11. You Could Be Mine
  12. Locomotive
  13. Don't Cry [Alt]
  14. Prostitute
  15. Rocket Queen

Only 4 songs from the original Greatest hits make my cut. Although what I would do if this could be a double with the original Would be the following 4 changes

  1. Civil War -> Think About You
  2. November Rain - > My Michelle
  3. Patience -> One In A Million
  4. You Could Be Mine -> Out Ta Get Me
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On 22/01/2020 at 9:02 AM, --DEA-- said:

1. Back Of Bitch

2. Locomotive 

3. Don't Cry

4. Pretty Tied Up

5. Estranged 

6. Perhaps 

7. November Rain 

8. Don't Damn Me

9. Breakdown

10. Welcome To The Jungle

11. You Could Be Mine

12. Hard School 

13. One In A Million

14. It's So Easy

15. Perfect Crime


This is definitely me too, only swap out 13 for paradise City.  I might just use this mix for my upcoming road trip

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I’m thinking a Live “Deep Cuts” album

1. Perfect Crime (Philadelphia ‘91)

2. Right Next Door To Hell (Forum ‘91)

3. Dust N’ Bones (Stockholm ‘91)

4. The Garden (Hartford ‘93)

5. Nice Boys (Saskatoon ‘93)

6. Double Talkin’ Jive (Chicago ‘92)

7. Don’t Cry (alt. Lyrics) (Prague ‘92)

8. Dust in the wind (Argentina ‘93)

9. November Rain acoustic (Saskatoon ‘93)

10. Coma (Chicago ‘92)

11. Pretty Tied Up (Oklahoma ‘92)

12. Yesterdays (Las Vegas ‘92)

13. Dead Horse (Argentina ‘93 - First Night)

14. You Could Me Mine (Florida ‘91)

15. Rocket Queen (Philadelphia ‘91 12-16)


the only way way to really present this band is with live material. It’s hard with only 15 tracks; especially since I wanted to include a lot of the AFD lineup-but I’m not sure any song, minus one or two, are really deep cuts.

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