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Appetite for Distortion - Hansi Kürsch/Jon Schaffer talk Metal, GNR, & Vunter Slash | Ep. 168

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NEW! Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer talk Demons & Wizards and Vunter slash | Ep. 168

DEMONS & WIZARDS is one of the most legendary collaborations in the history of heavy metal, uniting the talents of Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian). Jon and Hansi are in-studio to discuss their new album "III", thoughts on the metal genre, and GNR.

Then for the "Fan Obsession" segment we welcome Jay from Baltimore. He shares stories of his parents warning him about listening to Guns N' Roses and his many concert experiences.

iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/30K720Q
Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/36ktDlV
SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2usJQId
Spotify --> https://spoti.fi/36pkUis
Apple Podcasts --> https://apple.co/2RLNm8C

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11 minutes ago, default_ said:

Oh boy, grotta know what Hansi has to say about GNR!

Blind Guardian is one of those metal bands that got my attention early on as I was obsessed with Tolkien (and still im). 

I'm actually writing a master thesis right now about the presentation of nature and environment in fantasy literature:lol:

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