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Hi , long time no see. Because we've already entered the second half of 2020 let me sum up this year so far.  Damn, I don't even know how to make a post anymore. Ok, now I'm going

Oh hi!  Good she got a piece of the ass, it's a nice ass after all. And the amount of saying Beta seems to have on Axl's life will always creep me out  ANYWAYS!! Right? Riiiight? A

And this    And a load more like that but I can’t be arsed to dig out any more (I feel like a creep myself lol)  Anyway - she seems like a massive fan. Camping out to get to the fro

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18 hours ago, Blackstar said:

@illusiononthewall this one?


Nooo 😭 girl, I think YOU can help me lol (you have EVERYTHING Guns-Axl related). It is a scan of a then and now Axl, which features a photo of him in 2006. In the the photo, there is a caption in the left corner saying “bangs flatters Axl’s baby face”. If you don’t have it, nobody else does and I’ll give up lmao. 

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18 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

Maybe he was smirking when he found out that he had been mistaken for Donnie Wahlberg ...... :scared:

Ikr lmfao. Those things only happen in Brazil :rofl-lol: I love the picture that you’re referring to, he looks like a male model, so hot. Bless Kerrang for that. 

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On 10/10/2020 at 11:46 AM, SerenityScorp said:

Yup Bee Gees become number one of My fav band/Musicians/Songwriters now. They're actually genius at creating/composing Music. N produce so many good songs. Too bad They're so underrated. N most People only know Them for Staying Alive but never give a chance to listen Their albums before N after 70's

I hope so

They also appropriated disco in order to capitalize on the work of Black artists but that's a different topic.

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