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Smashing Pumpkins to open for Guns N’ Roses on upcoming stadium tour

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if it is true, it will be great :)

and this words by Corgan sums it all up for about Axl and I laughed my ass off as I find it very true :)


"Corgan previously expressed his admiration for Rose in a 2017 interview with Joe Rogan. “When I look at Axl Rose, I see a free person. “I love that about Axl Rose. I love that he doesn’t give two fucks about anything. I think that’s so fascinating. Because there are only a few American iconic artists that are truly free.”"


If it is already posted, please remove the tread, thanks

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14 minutes ago, GnR Chris said:

Pretty sure this will get locked. We were talking about it in the big ass NA tour thread. I'm jealous SP isn't opening at Wrigley, but I guess I'm hopeful they'll maybe do Lolla or Riot Fest instead.

Yes, please continue discussing this in the NA Tour thread. 

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