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Jesus Rolls (2020) Lebowski spin off

Len Cnut

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Now we are REALLY reaching. A film about a character who was in only one scene in Lebowski. It just looks uninteresting and yes "it's just my opinion man" (let's get that over repeated line out of the way before somebody else posts it). At least it's not a direct sequel.

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5 hours ago, JONEZY said:

Even though he's a pederast!

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to get my mind around.  

Does anyone really want to watch a feature length film about a registered sex offender?

In the Big Lebowski, the character added a bit of comedic flavour that in no way asked for any sympathy or understanding from the audience.  He was a punching bag, made easier because he was a registered sex offender.  Kind of a strange choice in characters to resurrect.

I think they only want to enjoy this film is if you haven't seen the Big Lebowski.  

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19 minutes ago, Creed said:

The cinematography looks cheap. Sometimes its weird as fuck. Dumb and Dumber f.ex has great camera work. The production value of the sequel is just bad. The Green book looks professional again...how can a director make such different movies with regard to the production value?

This ain't a Coen Bros film, John Turturro is directing it. 

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I've read several reviews from people who have seen it and the response is that it is a very marginal movie that is more or less, just a faithful remake of the movie that inspired it.

The fact that this is Turturro's character from Lebowski doesn't seem to factor into it in any tangible way - so its a fruitless spin-off, if you're to believe the reviews.

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