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Dust In The Wind


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17 minutes ago, DurhamGirl said:

I am just going through some old GnR clips and came across one where Axl is singing a song 'Dust In The Wind', he is playing the piano and Slash is sat next to him playing guitar.  Does anybody know the history of this song and when they played it? 

I listened to that A LOT when I first heard it. I remember it was an audience recording and there's no better sounding version of it. I think someone tried to remix it years ago but it sounded terrible. 

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They started playing it very late in the UYI tour, what's considered the "Skin and Bones tour" in 1993. Before, up until that point in the tour, they usually played "It's Alright" by Black Sabbath or Axl would just play a solo on the piano. The most known version is from Turin, in 1993; there's a soundboard version from the Argentina 1993 show (second), but much like the Rock In Rio shows, the radio announcer speaks over the intro of the song. I think the same is true about the first night (July 16th).

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As far as I know they only played it during late June and July of 1993, in other words only during certain parts of the European portion of Skin N' Bones, as well as the two dates in Argentina 1993. The version from the second night of Modena 1993 is indeed awesome, much more so than the FM broadcast. Skin N' Bones was really nice in that the acoustic portion of the sets were easy to record compared to their typical songs. Dead Flowers is another one of the 1993 only songs that I think they performed really quite well. 

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And Barcelona 1993. Duff was asked about it by a Spanish magazine after the Barcelona show:


Okay. Now a question that interests me a lot. What was the song that Axl played on the piano just before "November Rain"?

Duff: "It's a song by Todd Rundgren."

Oh, okay...

Duff: "I know nobody has heard of this song."

I even thought it was a new Guns N' Roses song.

Duff: "No, no. Nobody knew what the hell it was. I looked at the people in the crowd and they were like asking themselves, ‘What is this, a new song?’"

It’s a good song.

Duff: "Yeah".

Do you know the name of it?

Duff: "I know it's by Todd Rundgren, but the title? No idea".


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