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Ex-Guns N' Roses Manager Has Theory About Why There Aren't More GNR Albums

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1 hour ago, RussTCB said:

Oh boy... It's gonna be anotjer IzzyFight Thread lol

Thought it was time to stir some shit up lol

3 minutes ago, rocknroll41 said:

I just posted in the new album thread that the fact that only one album of original material has come out since Izzy quit is pretty telling.

Your post inspired me to post this. I had already read it the other day

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59 minutes ago, action said:

chinese democracy had no heart whatsoever. it was a disjointed mess. izzy's worst written song still has more heart than any song on chinese

117° sounds like something the stones at their prime would have released, and it would have been regarded as a classic

I disagree completely, i love CD though

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I do think there is at least a little something to that.  When you look at the GNR discog - the only album of original material written after Izzy left GNR was Chinese Democracy which we all know was Axl and co., and a huge unnecessarily bloated saga in its own right

I don't think Izzy is essential for the big 3 to write songs, however I definitely do think the era he was in GNR and they were a collective unit was a huge reason why GNR were as productive as they were from creation up to the Illusions


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1 hour ago, ToonGuns said:

Key here is for them not to overthink things.


Too late for that.  They have already been back together for 4 years.  They have already over thought it all. The reunion was 10 years too late as t was and Axl gets older and worse by the month. They blew it

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