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12 hours ago, The Holographic Universe said:


What happen I’m Abu Dhabi?

Axl Rose sound amazing in 2010. Abu Dhabi was the last gig of the 2010 Tour and he still sound great in the last gig in 2010. After a break, i think 10 month break, he sounded very bad on Rock In Rio 2011. Something happend between Abu Dhabi and Rock In Rio

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2010 was peak Axl Rose: 1.A monster vocally 2.Caring about new music, playing almost all of CD, playing CD II at parties. 3.Showing up sometimes as much as two hours late, walking off s

I was on MyGNRForum the night of the show while in Paris, because I'd flown there for the Bercy show (Bercy was my first GNR gig). I remember thinking, "Wow, wish I could go", and then thinking, "Well

Axl's strongest clean voice was in 2006, and it was arguably his best 'technique' or 'blend of clean and rasp' or whatever. It was a great year for him. But his raspy voice in 2010 rivalled his UYI vo

What happened in Abu Dhabi 2010? Good question, as talking points include

Axl's vague mention about the show in the Eddie Trunk/TMS interview in 2011. ('We really got screwed over in Abu Dhabi...')

Band promoting the show on a video shot in a hotel aisle. Axl mostly holds the mic, Dizzy rambles about locking himself out of his room.... while a very inebriated-looking Tommy lurches in the background.

Tommy's tweet post-show. "being pushed to the end of ones rope for so long will make you a good climber, or road kill. i'm gonna find a new tree"

Sounds vaguely like promoters holding back on some monies, which consequently leads to band members not getting paid in full and on time for services rendered.

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On 12/30/2020 at 12:40 PM, scooby845 said:

For those interested, there's a completely new Knockin' video, professionally/crowd filmed video by L'Arc itself. Worth checking out!!

Def Interested in that!

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On 12/28/2020 at 12:12 AM, The Holographic Universe said:


What happen I’m Abu Dhabi?

Tommy allegedly refused to take the stage for whatever reason. Axl mentioned about them being fucked about in terms of business in the TMS interview

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2 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:


KOHD for those who haven't seen it yet (it's not the complete song though) https://streamable.com/jdqcyu

Edited, I was unaware that this has just gotten out! (Hadn't read the latest replies to this thread) - HNY all!

Edited by Dean
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