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Guns N' Roses Pinball machine designer John Borg on Axl Rose and Slash (First time completely unedited interview)


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Game designer John Borg was interviewed many years ago for GameRoom magazine about the GN'R Pinball machine that he designed with the help of Slash.

The interview is being republished on GameRoomBlog.com

This time, for the first time, completely unedited

The guy has some interesting words on Axl and Slash

- [Axl] was “Mr. Impossible” at the speech session. I was very nervous meeting him and he wanted nothing to do with the project. Sound producer Mike Clink had to edit tapes before giving them to me. Axl kicked us all out off the sound stage and after 4 hours produced not much at all. Since Guns’ broke up, he has produced nothing ether. A great talent wasted in my opinion. I would like to use some colorful four letter words to describe him, but I’m bigger than that.

- Slash was a big pinball fan and collector. He approached us with the GnR game license. Gary and Joe asked him to do the Viper music and he was at the game show that year with us. He signed autographs at the booth too. Slash was a great guy and great to work with. Slash and Axl are like night and day—Axl being night, of course.


Full story = https://gameroomblog.com/features/guns-n-roses-pinball



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1 hour ago, Sydney Fan said:

What year would this have been?.

1994. It was during the time Axl and Slash were fighting over the Snakepit songs and Paul Huge, and also Axl had the lawsuits.

The pinball machine was released in late 1994.

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