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Garden of Eden video inspired award winning director Drew Stone out of “Music Video retirement”


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Source = https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2020/03/18/visual-violence-trailblazing-director-drew-stone-on-his-crucial-scene-defining-music-videos/


When talking about that beautiful, improbable early 90s moment in which hardcore clawed its way out of the underground, it is impossible to overstate the importance of the visionary, instantly-iconic music videos of Drew Stone.

The New York-based, award winning director possessed the uncanny ability to marry art and street, elegance and attack, grandeur and brutality — and all of this came to serve as high-grade accelerant on already fiery work smoldering in the scene. The man completely and irrevocably changed the game, bringing a new dimension to the breakdown and, by doing so, helped convert hordes of new devotees to the cause.

Decibel hit Stone up late last year for our Hall of Fame piece on Madball’s Set it Off and, during those interviews, he graciously agreed to provide us the following amazing backstories to some of his most (in)famous short-players — with exclusive production images from his own library.


4. Sick Of It All: “Road Less Travelled”

Epic. I love this band and believe the are arguably the best “true” hardcore band on the planet earth. Inspired by the Guns N’ Roses video “Garden Of Eden,” I came out of “Music Video retirement” for this one and returned their soon after. The video was done in one take. That day we did it a total of 11 times and in the end went with take 8. You would think that one of the last takes would be the winner but it was noticeable that as the day wore on everyone was getting a bit winded.



the source of inspiration



and of course the alternate version



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