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Milwauke concert cancelled/postponed

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Lot's of stuff re-scheduled for later in the year (August-November).

No reason GNR couldn't play this unless it clashed with an already rescheduled gig.

Though a decent chunk of the NA tour is probably far enough away.

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1 hour ago, Lethalis said:

It's not even certain a vaccine will happen at all.

People usually only stay immune to other Corona viruses for about 3 months... although symptoms "might be" milder a second time (more like a common cold).

Good luck to you all... and myself included. I live in Europe. Shit is falling apart here fast. All you can do is pray now, that you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't need to go to a hospital and can tough it out (80 to 90 percent of the population, it's not a death sentence for all of us... but scary nonetheless, because it hits all age groups and you have no guarantees whatsoever how your body will react to it... even if you are young and healthy).

My biggest fear is getting no help, because the health care system will be overwhelmed. Which makes a big difference in my age group (39 years old... 5% need hospital, 0.2% died... but without medical care I'm afraid I'm looking at 5% instead of 0.2%).

Where I live, schools are closed for a week now and everybody does "social distancing"... which basically means keeping at least 1m50 distance to other people. Because the droplets with Corona in them, usually don't go much further than 1 meter. The other thing is cleaning surfaces... which is the most tricky thing (the virus can survive for days on stuff). Because I don't clean all the packaging of groceries and stuff like that. It's just too much and I always forget stuff. But I do wash my hands at lot.

For now my estimate is that about 80000 people in my county have it or are presymptomatic, in a population of 17 million. Which is about 0.5%. My hope is that we can curb it before more and more people get it... because otherwise it's just game over and there is no way to escape from it (it will end up on your groceries if lots of people get it, even if you stay at home). And then all I have left, is hoping I don't need the hospital.

Well... maybe you already guessed it, but a GnR concert is not really on my mind right now. It's not going to happen anytime soon. All concerts will be cancelled.

I wish you all the best. Let's hope we're still here next year and can enjoy life again. A couple of years back I joked we will probaby die sooner than hear a new GnR record. Now it's not funny anymore.

Dude, same here, I live in Europe and am 38 - but you know what? This is not a risk age in general, and to be honest, I myself don't give a flying fuck about Covid in the sense of getting infected. If I do (and I already may have without knowing it), I'll just go through it, and that's all. I drink plenty of wine or beer during weekends, that's all I need. We can't succumb to fear, that's not helping anything, and there's no real reason either. It's all just the fucking mass media (i.e. private companies owned by oligarchs, let's never forget that). 

Peace, be safe. 

As Cathedral sing: "I wear a mask, oh yes I do..." 

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4 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

Well if trump wants people back at work by easter his administration must be leaning on scientists to come up with a vaccine in record time!.

A vaccine has already been created in record time. Unfortunately, the testing needs to go on for a fixed amount of time no matter what.

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