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Nugent chimes in on Guns playing Mexico in midst of virus

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1 hour ago, WhazUp said:

That quote is both not surprising in the least that Ted Nugent would say something like that, and also another quote in a long line of Nugent quotes as to why I don't take that guy seriously at all


What a nutjob :lol:

Totally agree!

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8 hours ago, RussTCB said:

The wildest thing he says in that article is "I love Guns N Roses. I love their work ethic" 

'I love their music vision' was pretty wild. Or has Ted become sarcastic in his old age 

7 hours ago, Powderfinger said:

I’d like to go Ted Nugent hunting. 

Ha I wouldn't challenge him if I was you. He's a dab hand with a cross-bow

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