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How do I directly mention someone?

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Hello, I’ve tried searching but haven’t got a single hit, so I’ve created this new topic so as to facilitate future searching for other pilgrims. 

Here’s the thing: I should probably know it by now, but I’ve never used this feature before, and now I actually could use it at last. You know the thing I mean – the same stuff like in Discords, e.g.:
"As @jamillos said, GN’R is a great band," or something like this. 
I’ve seen it here many times but for the love of god, can’t figure out how to do that. 
Also, does it refer to a direct post or just the guy’s profile? And they receive a notification, right? 
Or is this just some paid club-member stuff? 

Thanks a lot! 
Stay calm and listen to My World. 

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8 hours ago, jamillos said:

Hey, @UcudBmine, are. you. friggin. kidding. me. It's that simple! 

Thank you! So I presume you get a notification now, yes? Cool! 

I think I had some trouble with it too when the last update added this feature lol

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