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Guns n Roses in 8D

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3 hours ago, allwaystired said:

Took me months to figure out what '4D' screenings were at cinemas. Turns out it was just water being fired at your face and the seat shaking when you watched an awful film. 


Yeah, you don’t want to go into an adult cinema to watch a 4D porn film then... 💦

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9 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

So 8D is just tracks panned in a circular motion? I guess if someone wrote a song and incorporated the idea it could be good, but besides that not sure it's for me. Probably better for all the psychedelics fans :D 

Sounds like Mushrooms would be needed for that listening experience 🤪

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14 hours ago, 42è BCP said:

8d? The thing that make the sound running all around your ears?? What's the interest really? That kill all the mix work... 

This. People send me audios of 8d music, telling that you heard it with your brain and the only different is that the channels are moving from ear to ear. I think that is fake.

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8D isn't really a thing. Just panning stuff and using reverb to make it sound "cool". It's still stereo. Still some songs if done well sound pretty nifty on first listen, not something you'd routinely go back to though imo. 

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