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Guns n Roses best band in the world 1988-1989 on Cleveland.com (full list 1969-2020)


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8 minutes ago, foreverguns said:

Yeah,really?? one don't have to click to find out that Rolling Stones is the biggest rock n roll band on the planet!

And by the way 1978 should belong to Aerosmith

Nah, Van Halen 

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Stones should be 1969-1973, and then 1978 also.

GN'R should really be 1987-88 - wasn't 1989 when they were all on junk and only played those disastrous dates in support of (ironically) the Stones? To me 1987 is the greatest year in the history of GN'R. 



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23 hours ago, moreblack said:

Fuck, for me rock just goes downhill fast after 91. No wonder I went backwards rather than keep up with what was hot from then on.

Rock didn't went downhill after 91, but the generation that used to listen to it changed! If you listen to it closely Rock is just stagnant, that's what really happend, it never changed, but their audience did.

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