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Has Axl Commentated on Trump Recently?


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My god, I am from the UK and been watching the Whitehouse briefings over the last couple of days only to find that Trump  looks like an adult but is clearly a three year old in disguise.  This man cannot articulate intelligently and has little ability to problem solve  and in this period of fear and uncertainty he is leader of the American people, how appalling.    Axl has shown disdain for this man in the past so I wondered if he had made a comment, I hope so!

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All Axl tweets are in the pinned Social Media thread. He clearly dislikes Trump and this administration but his tweets are on average about once every 3/4 months and despite some being political in nature it's all still a bit random! :lol:

If I had to guess I'd say Axl will probably tweet about the Covid crisis 4 or 5 months after it's over. :rofl-lol:

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Axl has tweeted about COVID-19, including the politics of it. He tweeted about Rand Paul (R) in relation to the virus just before Easter. And did at least 2 other retweets from experts explaining what its like to have the virus, in one case making his motivation explicit: "#StayHome."

And hey (hay), he's an expert on staying home :P


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I always found it somewhat fascinating people look up to or seriously consider the opinions of actors, musicians, etc. as it relates to politics and world events, especially when they are the least qualified to even talk about it. When I'm asked about covid from a serious standpoint, I tell them the truth. "I'm not qualified to answer that." Of course I sugar coat and humanize it, but you get the point. I'm proficient in cats, firearms, and IT, and a few other things, everything else, call a pro! Haha

Celebrities have an audience, and they know people look up to them for whatever reason so perhaps they feel compelled to share their feelings much like "regular" folks do on social media to their relatively limited social base. 

"Useful idiots" comes to mind. They're everywhere. Celebrities who don't get too involved in politics/social issues are the smartest, IMO. 

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No 'looking up to' on my part, I just want as many people as possible to be made aware of this particular situation and as I am a 'political animal' I am interested in the view of others.  Why its thought by some that so called 'celebrities' should refrain from voicing their political beliefs  I do not know, they have every right as anybody else to do so and if you dont like it dont listen.

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