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Riot shields or bust.  

Cant beleive its taken the band 3 months to do this, and Fernando only agreeing to do something like this when told to him directly by the fans. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band this


18 minutes ago, MildlyArtistic said:

This I Love sounded so great during the 2016 tour. 

It's a shame Axl clearly started to struggle with it in 2017/2018 before dropping it entirely.

He was struggling with TIL in this performance. Compare this 2012 or even 2014 And Axl was a lot more consistent... on that song! out ta get me and my michelle were good, one of the better Coma performances... NV was poor.

Mix was all over the place as usual.

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So the stuff we’ve gotten so far is:


Its So Easy

Chinese Democracy

Double Talkin’ Jive



Rocket Queen

You Could Be Mine


Sweet Child O’ Mine


New Rose

My Michelle


This I Love

Out Ta Get Me

November Rain

Just a few more and we’ll have a full set’s worth, but hopefully we get a bunch of extra clips too. Would be nice to have some “rarities” like Riff Raff and stuff.

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Well that was great. I'll go to bat for that video! The difference between that and the dreadful Download festival one is really really stark. Everything is better- but mostly it's the tightness and the energy that these performances had that is most noticeable. 

The whole concept is still 'unusual' in the GNR way of course- us being told there would be more NITL Selects videos, then this appearing out of the blue with minimal notice and the strange decision to merge songs from two random different shows....but I enjoyed this massively. 

I liked the filming- very few shots of the crowd is a good thing, as no one wants a reminder of how chunky, old and 'un rock n'roll' they all look compared to the hungry crowds of the 80s and 90s. So yeah....well filmed, band tight, performance great! 

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