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1 minute ago, rocknroll41 said:

Dammit. Chili Peppers are streaming Lollapalooza 2006 at that same time. Now I don’t know which one to watch! :/

EDIT: nevermind, the chili peppers one is an hour later.

RHCP run  almost nearly 90 minutes so probably time for both?

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Riot shields or bust.  

Cant beleive its taken the band 3 months to do this, and Fernando only agreeing to do something like this when told to him directly by the fans. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band this


10 minutes ago, downzy said:

Well, it's something, so credit where credit is due.

I'm curious if they'll keep them up for people to watch later or if they're only going to be live-streamed.  With a two year old it's hard to schedule my day to allow me to check them out should they be live-streamed.  

I hope they keep them up afterwards for fans to watch!

Metallica and Slipknot are both doing that.

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25 minutes ago, Alejandro GNR said:

Why do people complain about Axls look...WTF

I know he was a very good looking guy in this 20/30s but he's a singer...leave his looks alone guys

We are always complaining about everything hahaha Lets enjoy whatever they release today, let's see what's it.


I'm with you. I genuinely think Axl looks fine for his age. Probably needs to lose the eyeliner and ridiculous hats but just in terms of overall appearance he's fine. If you saw your average 55-60 year old at the golf club or shopping mall and they looked like Axl nobody would give two shits.

His singing? Well, that's another story. :lol:

Even Vince Neil. Couldn't care less about the guy's weight if he could still sing.

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15 minutes ago, registra said:

I find it so strange that a forum mostly filled with middle-aged men(I assume) get so fixated on the looks of a 60 year old guy. It's like, of all the things potentially wrong with the band, Axl haircut was what made your decision not to go? Seriously?

And even weirder, it's just a normal haircut, that plenty of men of all ages have. Not sure why people see it as an issue.

It's not like they're the Pussycat Dolls or something. How they look really shouldn't affect whether you want to go to the show or not.


When I fly across an ocean and pay a shitload of money, I want to see Axl the rockstar and not Axl the sad accountant. And I can't help it and I do not feel sorry for it, but that look sucked and I'm not gonna pay money to see Axl like that. Concerts are also a visual thing. I was on the fence and that tipped me over/knocked me right back. I did not want to see him like that.

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13 minutes ago, Creed said:

This is his best NITL look. Except for the shoes and the same jeans for almost 4 years...



I don't really care how he looks, but the backwards cap and bandana is kinda stupid... like he's desperately trying to relive his youth or something. Always thought it was weird that he tried looking like his 1991-self. :lol:



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2 hours ago, MrSpaghetti said:

I think each week they will choose a concert from NITL and broadcast some of the songs played until we have a "full concert", so we are probably starting with ISE, Brownstone and CD, and in the next weeks they will broadcast WTTJ, Live and Let Die, etc until we reach Paradise City.

That would be pretty nice actually

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