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Bumblefoot: Barefoot 2 & 3 (Acoustic EPs)

Gordon Comstock

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2 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Wasted Years is pretty good.

I can't stand The Police, but even that one wasn't bad. This is a nice EP. :bbf:

I'm not a huge Police fan either. No one ever covers the only song I truly love by them which is Wrapped Around Your Finger. 

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9 hours ago, AlterL said:

Damn it I want acoustic clots and Argentina.


Maybe he'll release those, too. From his bandcamp page:

"In 2008 I released the first "Barefoot" acoustic ep, a collection of Bumblefoot songs played as stripped-down acoustic versions. It's a pleasure to now release "Barefoot 2", acoustic EP of cover songs :) Recorded in April 2020, raw and natural sounding, some of these songs I've played live for years, others being songs I've always loved and wanted to cover :) Hoping to continue releasing more Barefoot acoustic EPs, stay tuned! :)"

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23 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

Since leaving GNR he has been on 5 full studio albums and that isnt even including some singles and EPs like this

And the quality is what you'd expect. There's a reason Axl never wanted to write music with him.

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On 5/8/2020 at 12:38 PM, Gordon Comstock said:



01. Wasted Years (IRON MAIDEN acoustic cover)
02. Vienna (BILLY JOEL acoustic cover)
03. Every Little Thing (THE POLICE acoustic cover)
04. How Can I Be Sure (THE YOUNG RASCALS acoustic cover)
05. Maybe I'm Amazed (PAUL MCCARTNEY acoustic cover)


You can buy it here: https://bumblefoot.bandcamp.com/album/barefoot-2-acoustic-ep

Barefoot 3 is out now too. Listening to it right now. Come On Eileen kicks a lot of ass.

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9 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:


I've only listened to the full EP once so far, but I that was the only song I really didn't like.

The Day I Tried To Live was the best track IMO.

I love the original so that was the one I was looking forward to the most. I thought he did a great job on it, but again, I've always loved the original. 

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