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Roy Horn Passed Away

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The amazing Roy from the duo Sigfred and Roy has died from the corona virus.

I'm sure this is devasting to Sigfred as well as the many amazing animals they had in their compound.

Always wanted to go to Vegas and see them, but never got the chance.

RIP Roy! He was a special person and a great entertainer!

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21 hours ago, rocknroll41 said:

He was the one who the tiger injured, right?

looks like the cause of death was covid-19.

Yeah, the tiger injured Roy, but he didn't want it destroyed. He said the tiger was helping him because he may have had a stroke. whatever happened, I know Roy still loved that tiger.

Just too sad.

17 hours ago, cineater said:

Yeah and begged that they didn't hurt the tiger.  They've done a lot for that tiger.  Sorry to see him go.

Yeah, he and Sigfred took care of so many big cats. I know they will sense he's gone too. animals have amazing senses. They will be a comfort to Sigfred.

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I'm neither happy nor sad that Roy is dead, but I am happy that the shows involving tigers came to an end in 2003 after he was mauled by a tiger. There's something grotesquely wrong with making a wild endangered animal such as a tiger live in captivity and perform circus tricks for people's entertainment. Thank goodness that brave tiger finally found a way to put an end to it and had its revenge too. Sadly the captivity of the animals continues and in miserable conditions from what I hear.

On a positive note, I read that over 50 countries have already banned or partially banned the use of animals in circuses. Hopefully slowly but surely this particular form of animal cruelty is coming to an end.

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