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Fred Willard died. RIP


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4 hours ago, JONEZY said:

Fred Willard, one of the funniest actors passed away ,86 yrs.  Loved him in "Waiting for Guffman".  Among many other Christopher Guest mockumentaries! 

Absolutely, hilarious guy.  He was in a show with Martin Mull in the 70s, the name escapes me, that was ahead of its time. He was also in Anchorman with Will Ferrell. 

Edit: the name of the show is Fernwood Tonight.

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4 hours ago, lame ass security said:


Edit: the name of the show is Fernwood Tonight.

If you haven't seen them, there are a few episodes of Fernwood on YouTube. It was absolutely genius stuff. There was a basic framework to the episodes but everything else was improvised. The show wouldn't make it today at all.


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