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What are all the Chinese leak titles/working titles

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6 hours ago, jamillos said:

Let me put it this way: the best Axl I've ever heard, studio or live, old or new. Goose bumps. Not exaggerating here. 

The best new studio Axl. But thats it. And the mix itself is rubbish

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On 5/26/2020 at 2:57 PM, Rayno said:

Yep. "Box" could very well be the same song as there's another Izzy song called "Bomb" (below) with literally the same riff that was used on VR's Contraband (Do It For The Kids I guess). Duff confirmed it during some chat years ago.


Link for Duffs comment?

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4 hours ago, Mendez said:

Link for Duffs comment?

Sorry, cannot find it. I remember it was a fan question to which he replied "astute observation". At least I am not the only person who remembers the chat:


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20 hours ago, gunsfanoldie said:

Thanks! Its so hard to keep track of everything.

Ah, my mistake. I'm thinking of Zeppelin. I know it was down by the something water.

I don't actually think they're shit. Its actually interesting to hear the process and what was clearly in his head at times. And honestly, some of them sound like they could be really cool songs if Axl only gave them the time of day. The instrumentals are not bad, but the only reason I deem them unessential and am deleting them after I listen is that if there's no Axl then there's zero CLASSIC GNR people. As you say, it really could just be ANYTHING you hear online, so if there's nothing uniquely GNR about it I'm getting rid of it. But I still think its interesting to hear and knowing who the people are playing its cool. I just don't think they warrant repeat listens. I'd rather teach my friend to play them and then record him if its just gonna be instrumental lol. You're totally right though that without vocals, its basically nothing.

I agree with everything you say mate, hearing them and the process is interesting. And yeah if Axl put some effort into the songs and put his touch on them they would be so much better for it. Axl has a way of turning things into something glorious !

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6 minutes ago, something.always said:

You don't know that. You don't know what started as something turned into something turned into something else. 

Yes I do because Axl confirmed that

Q: Axl, here's a list of rumored song titles.  Can you tell us which ones are bogus and which ones are real?

Ides Of March ('98), Oklahoma ('98), Atlas Shrugged ('99), Closing In On You ('99), Cock-A-Roach Soup ('99), Friend Or Foe ('99), Hearts Get Killed ('99), No Love Remains ('99), Oh My God ('99), Something Always ('99), Suckerpunched ('99), Zip It ('99), Silkworms ('00), Down By The Ocean ('01), Leave Me Alone ('02), Seven ('02), The General ('02), Thyme ('02), Quick Song ('05), Zodiac ('05), Motormouth ('06), We Were Lying ('06)

A: Ides Of March, Oklahoma, Atlas Shrugged,  Oh My God, Silkworms , Down By The Ocean (Izzy), Leave Me Alone, Seven , The General , Thyme , Quick Song , Zodiac Most all titles subject to change w/out warning and r considered working titles. (Axl Rose, chinesedemocracy.com, Dec. 2008)

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On 26/05/2020 at 3:12 AM, seely said:

There's a fuckload of instrumentals, but in terms of 'complete' songs (i e. Full lyrics and vocals) the ones we have are:

Hardschool (formerly known as 'Jackie Chan')


State of Grace


Atlas Shrugged

Going Down

Knockin on Heaven's Door (acoustic)

Eye on You (though lyrics aren't exactly 'full')


Then there is also Oh My God from 1999, plus the This I Love remix (with new vocals) 

OMG 1999? You meant the Bumble leak?

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On 26.5.2020 at 6:35 AM, gunsfanoldie said:

The leak I have has a bunch of songs like The Rebel, Devious Bastard, etc, but no titles like Blood In The Water, The General, Down By The Seaside. All those titles we referred to these songs by for years. I believe The General is Atlas Shrugged

We never referred to these leaked songs as The General, Blood In The Water or Down By The Ocean.

Like others have said The General didn't leak. It's not Atlas Shrugged. Blood In The Water isn't a working title either. It's a remix of Prostitute. It was supposed to be on the remix album. If you want to hear Blood In The Water, just search for it cause it has leaked too. Pretty much the whole remix album leaked at one point.

And Down By Ocean hasn't leaked either. It's not a working title to any of these leaked songs. 

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