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My Bands Lockdown Song (proof ALL bands can make music)

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7 hours ago, lame ass security said:

Very cool man, you guys are having a blast. I thought "hey, a fellow lefty" then during your solo you went rightie on me.😄 

Ha! you're not the first person to say that! We're all brothers, lefties and righties! rock3

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9 hours ago, hudsonsaul said:

Thats cool man. Looks like y'all having heaps of fun too.

Like the tone of your guitar too, whats the rig / setup you use to record?

Ah cheers! It was a great laugh doing the video stuff, can't say the editing afterwards was fun though😅 I think I'll leave that to the pros! 

The guitars (musicman) are a combo of my messa boogie rectoverb 25 combo and logic pro amp sims. I actually prefer the tones from the sims... hard to get the proper volume to get the messa fired up. All the leads are amp sims. Just some overdrive and delay, not a big effects guy.


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