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When did all the hate start for Izzy + Steven start?


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Steve was not the only one of drug use. He has not been part of GnR since Dec1989. Duff and Slash still had some prescript med  issues as recent or long ago as VelRev days. Izzy has not been part of GnR since 1991. 

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Is there much Steven and Izzy hate?  I know at least around these parts they are well liked mostly!  And a constant source of unsatisfaction regarding  how Izzy isn't there, and how Steven didn't have a bigger role in the reunion than occasional 2 song guest spots in 2016

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When did all the Izzy and Steven hate start? Steven has a lot of haters because he talked trash about Axl over the years. Not sure about Izzy. I’m going to also guess that they both also get hate because they weren’t in the band that long (Steven for five years and Izzy for six) where as Matt, Axl, Duff, Fortus, and Slash been in the band much longer (so they both don’t have as much fans as the main 3). And then there’s the reunion...

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"When did the Slash + Duff hate start?"

"When did all the hate start for Izzy + Steven ?"

...good to know, that there are a few members left to hate, from all over the years with different lineups, otherwise we might run out of topics:smiley-confused2:


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My friend, her sister and her mom all hate Steven. I was taken aback by this and it took me a while to understand them. It’s because Steven shot up Everly (or Seymour?) in what was seen as an act of revenge. 

They love Axl so I guess they look away from Axls actions towards women and girls. And I guess it means in their minds that Steven did that to a women and to Axl? But the Steven thing is, like, raw for them. They act like he did it to them!

They also aren’t Izzy fans. But I guess if you like the guy who rants while running around screaming bloody murder in sweaty, tight bicycle shorts, then the guy wearing clothes, standing there not speaking might just fade into the background?

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