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Izzy & The Swamp Candles - you might want to see this!


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1 hour ago, username said:

Love it, but still it's just them playing over an older Izzy recording. I think. I found the same Izzy bits in a 2016 vid. 

Izzy did this along with "Sunshine" when it was clear he wouldn't be part of the reunion. I guess it was sort of a "let the music do the talking" thing. These guys just added their bits to it, but I think it's pretty cool.

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6 hours ago, Rayno said:

This is sooo cool!

1 hour ago, TheSlashrose said:

izzy is a amazing guy.....

Agree agree. I ran out of  likes for the day. The Swamp Candles, very talented guys there.  I guess they  just friends who like to play music  I am thinking  as a hobby. They sounded great. They put in a lot of time and effort to do this. Perfect on cue.  I get Izzy choses to live a private life, but I wish he would post this on his empty Instagram with a simple,  "Thanks guys. I  enyjoyed this of your time and talent. Much appreciation. "   Yes @adamsapple The Big3 could have done just one of these. 2-3 songs. Tell 2-3 funny backstage or on stage stories. So many have during Coronvirus lockdown March May. Ex. Carrie Underwood, Melissa Estheridge, Keith Urban and he played all the instruments hinself.lol. Even Steven posted up him playing drums to a GnR song.

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