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Shannon Hoon documentary 'All I Can Say'


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I shall have to watch this.  I must admit I only ever listened to their debut but I listened to it quite a bit.  Thats a lie actually I did listen to their second one but only casually.  I always liked em though and Shannon seems a cool fella. 

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I watched it last weekend. I liked it, but didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.
I think that is my own fault though because I think I completely over hyped myself for it.

I think if you like Blind Melon and Shannon then you will enjoy it. There were many pieces of it that took me back in time to the 90’s. 

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Saw Blind Melon once, 1994 opening for the Rolling Stones.  They played "Tones of home" but the rest of the setlist I didn't know. And they did not play their biggest hit "No Rain".  From my seat I could see the trailer that the band was in(after their set), and I saw one of the guitar players come out with a bottled water, and he looked pissed.  Could be wrong, but it looked like he was ticked off because they didn't play their biggest hit in front of 50,000 people opening for the Stones.  This was a great chance to kick ass.  Shannon died a year later.

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