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SLASH Is 'Focusing On Writing New Music' And 'Recording Guitar Stuff' For GUNS N' ROSES

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32 minutes ago, Nice Boy said:

Well, for GnR it's actually 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 2008. Even if some of that was re-release and covers.

I'm only talking about LP releases of original material, but If you look at from the "a release is a release" perspective, then you're 100% correct.

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You may not like Slash’s solo band, but they were close to headlining festivals in Australia, along with nearly selling out 10,000 seater arenas on their last few tours here. They’re not GN’R levels s

As much as Myles puts me to sleep and I dislike his timbre and lack of charisma, there is really no contest. In the here and now, he's a much, much better singer than Axl. He got great technique,

Yeah, and it’s probably you 

2 hours ago, Draguns said:

Fact is they released three full length albums, EP, and a cover album  from 87-93. That's a lot of material for a band at that time.  Again, I really don't know what you expect.  Where they messed  up was afterwards in 94. They just couldn't hold it together. I wish they didn't release Sympathy for the Devil in 94. Instead of the 94-96 session, they should have just taken a break for awhile and reconvene when they sorted out their issues with each other. It is what it is though. 

I told you what I expect. If you view the UYI records as two individual albums rather than a double album then that's three LPs - getting into that is just splitting hairs though. Listen they released enough music in that time to coast by for 30yrs so it was good enough, it just wasn't equal in amount to other acts.

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2 hours ago, Majestic Beast said:

If Axl don't speak for new album or new material,nobody else opinion matters,Slash can say whatever he wants,Duff too.

Like when Axl spoke in 14 was it, saying CD2 and a remix album we're ready? 


I'll believe it when its available for pre order

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