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Slash Road Case/Guitar Vault

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Interesting . Interesting to look at on line. Songs that go with different guitars, interesting. I can see 
 a band that is a big fan and that just made it being interested in this , but it would be used on the road.  It will be interesting if a rich person with money to burn buys this beat up metal box. It would be sad for someone without money to literally waste to buy this. The is a fool born everyday.

Guitars , not included. I would like to see a picture of all SH ‘s guitars that were in the case.I wonder how many guitars he has . 75? How many fo you think?
I assume some are antiques. Some are must haves for touring. Back up ones for touring. AFD guitars and the 1 or 2 second hand guitars he had from back in the day are just mementos that stay in his home office or something. 

If you had money to burn, literally money to waste,  crazy rich trustfund baby, crazy big lotto win, would you buy this or things like this ?

I would not. I am too serious about money and scared of losing money.

If I had money to burn when I was  younger, no. I regretted wasting money like $25.00 on a shirt. 

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