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Corey Taylor - CMFT


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A taste of Corey’s upcoming solo album. 

CMFT Must Be Stopped

Black Eyes Blue

Not too bad. First track is a hybrid rap/metal/rocker. Comes off in parts sounding like Limp Bizkit, but it’s anthemic and catchy!

The second song is kinda radio rock Foo Fighters style, but pretty damn good. Nice guitar solo too. 

I’m keen to hear more

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That first track is terrible. It sounds like a limp bizkit rip off. The worst kind of new metal.

Second track is better but still not great. I thought coreys solo would of been much better. These first two singles are disappointing 

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12 hours ago, rocknroll41 said:

I love Slipknot! Don’t really care much for any of their side projects, though (including anything that Corey does outside of the band, really).

The first few stone sour records were great. Worth having a relisten.


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