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Think GNR will do a drive-in concert like Metallica is doing?

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19 hours ago, jamillos said:

Look, music is my life, but I'd never go to a drive-in concert or even that thing where people sit down being surrounded by some railings. I mean, this kind of hunger for live shows? That's not a concert, that's a circus. It's like drinking water instead of beer. I mean, sure, you won't be thirsty afterwards, but it's not the same thing, is it? Jeez, just wait it out, there will be proper fucking gigs again sooner or later. This is ridiculous. I need people around, jumping up and down, and feeling the energy, which is an essential part of the whole thing... 

Could you imagine paying 115$ to sit in your car and watch a concert on film?

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54 minutes ago, Ant said:

It's simultaneously the best and worst time in history to be a music fan.

Not counting Elvis, jazz, or classical music, I think the best times were between 1960s and 1990s. There was still original stuff even in the 90s (like GN'R or Alice in Chains), but I think it more or less ended with 2000 (System of a Down being one of the last quite original mainstream bands). From then on, we've had shitloads of bands, but as for originality? It's mostly bands from the 80s/90s who still carry the fire with new albums (like Tool recently), but I'd say the best times ended when bands like Limp Bizkit or even - god save us all - Linkin Park came to existence. 

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5 hours ago, The Holographic Universe said:

Could you imagine paying 115$ to sit in your car and watch a concert on film?


But to be fair, if you take 5 other people with you it's less than $20 per person. Fairly close to theater prices nowadays, no?

My guess is that Metallica and those that have done this previously set it up this way trying to encourage more people to attend rather than filling up the place with only 1 or 2 people per vehicle.

For anybody that wants to go, it'd be idiotic to not try to carpool with others.

I also wonder if another idea behind it is to help these theater's and other venues out during these trying times. Otherwise they could have just aired the show on pay-per-view and got a much larger viewership.

FWIW, I was one of those that paid for the GN'R pay-per-view in Paris back in 1992. IIRC, it was fairly expensive at the time.


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In 2014 I was so hungry for some GNR that I drove almost 3 hours to see appetite for democracy 3D in a theatre. I think it was only for one night. With that and the fact that Metallica and I believe Garth Brooks are doing these drive in gigs, I’d like to see guns do something similar. I know they aren’t too concerned with giving us anything, but I do think they could make some money from it, so you know how that goes with their excellent management team

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for the record, when I went to the garth drive-in a couple months ago, everybody was out of thier vehicles cheering, applauding, standing or sitting on blankets or lawn chairs.  Few, if anyone, were crammed in thier vehicles...that would be miserable.  and for those of you who'd rather option to sit on the couch home alone, that's cool. but you'd be missing out on a rather better option to hang with friends, family & fans

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4 hours ago, Stress Fracture said:

It would be good for them and us if they did. The Metallica show isn’t a proper live one, their production team is going to iron out any kinks. So this would be a good opportunity for GNR to put out a perfect NITL show.

But I’d rather watch any such show at home than a drive-in.

It absolutely is a "proper live" gig, but their production team have to mix it, and then synch it to video if that's what you mean about ironing kinks. And yes, if course there will be some tech help on particularly flat notes, but Metallica are not an overly produced band when it comes to more recent live releases (they;obviously fix the bass drum part in one though).

Also🤣 there is no such thing as a perfect NITL show! Even 2016 would need kinks ironed out

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14 hours ago, jamillos said:


I say best times now in the sense that we have such an insane level of access, depth of information and content diversity / quality.

But shows and new releases, especially in 2020... couldn’t get much worse!

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