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New Chris Slade interview


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Some interesting bits in this, both about AC/DC and about other acts he’s played with. The picture he paints of the management and organization within AC/DC is a lot more chaotic than I’d have imagined, though maybe that’s just the air of uncertainty there was when Brian left abruptly. But the big standout to me is, first of all he doesn’t necessarily believe any of the rumors about a new album with Phil back in the fold, and second of all to his knowledge he is still the current drummer for the band. Who’s to say what the fact is, but that is interesting. 

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On 24/08/2020 at 10:46 AM, Dean said:

I find it mental that Angus can go half a decade without seeing any of the band. I'm guessing he sees it as purely business at this point?

That's the case since Ballbreaker already. The band follows a strict album-tour-album cycle, regardless of the line-up. 

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6 hours ago, Sosso said:

That's the case since Ballbreaker already. The band follows a strict album-tour-album cycle, regardless of the line-up. 

Yeah, though I just find it mental that he, assuming that it'd be the same as is with Chris for everyone else, that he could go so long without communicating with folks (Cliff, Brian, Phil) that he achieved great success. You would think a brotherhood would be formed with the success they have achieved. Then again, there probably is, but can go years without speaking :lol: AC/DC is certainly an intriguing beast. 

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I just found an Interview from 2018. 

Your time in the band came to an end around 1994; how did you find out that you were out of the band, and that Phil Rudd was coming back?
“I got a phone call from Malcolm [Young], actually. I’d been doing demos with the guys in London; Angus [Young], Malcolm, and myself.

“Mal was playing bass, and Angus was playing rhythm – no lead guitar, just rhythm guitar, which seems very strange because Malcolm was one of the greatest rhythm guitarists ever. But he played bass in these sessions, and that went on for weeks, and they were writing as they were going along as well.

“I thought; ‘Well, the guys are in the studio and I wouldn’t mind playing drums,’ and I put that to them, and they said, ‘Yeah, come along,’ so that’s what I did, again, for weeks and weeks.

“I’m terrible with titles, but it was for the next album that came out [1995’s ‘Ballbreaker’], and I demoed every track for that album.”

“I know this is a fact because after I’d left the band, I went to visit Cliff [Williams, bass] and Brian [Johnson, vocals]. I went to have a pint with them, and they were all in the same apartment complex, and I said, ‘Oh, where’s Phil [Rudd, classic AC/DC drummer]?’

“This is after he’s back in the band, and they said; ‘Oh, he’s upstairs,’ and I heard him playing, learning my drum tracks, which is a turn up for the books because I usually have to learn his tracks! So, he played my parts that I had demoed for the next album, so that was a little bit of satisfaction, actually.

“So, I got a call from Malcolm saying; ‘We’re going to try Phil out. Apparently he’s straightened himself up, and we’re going to try him out,’ and I went; ‘Well, I’m gone then, Malcolm, Thanks very much, but…’, and he said; ‘No, no, we want you to stay on; we don’t even know if he can play drums anymore, because it’s been a while.’

“And I said, ‘And you’re going to try him out?!’, and he said, ‘Yeah, well, we’ve talked to him,’ and I said, ‘Well I’m gone, and if he can’t play drums, that’s your problem now, Malcolm.’

“And he said, ‘No, we’ll keep paying you,’ and I said, ‘I don’t care.’ And that was it, I resigned, right there and then.”


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