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Is it the end of Guns n Roses?

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1 hour ago, downzy said:

We find it boring, but for a person not following each show or going to one or two shows the past four years are likely seeing the best setlist GNR has ever done, relatively speaking.

Estranged, Coma, Civil War, Don’t Cry, Slash covering CD material, Yesterdays, deeper Illusion cuts...   These would have been unimaginable from 2001 to 2014. 

CD songs are not part of my top 20 GN'R songs. Nor are most of the covers. Sure they have to play KOHD and LALD because those 2 are big hits. As I said songs like Locomotive and Dead Horse could've been played a lot earlier. I believe that by 2018 the set list already needed a shake up

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You have been making so many random threads

Look at it this way dearie, I' first got into this band in 1992, thats 18 years, in that time we've had one album of original material.  One sodding album.  I was 9 years old when I got into this band

Just off the back of one of the highest grossing tours of all time and considering that this isn't even the longest hiatus they've had, the answer to your question - considering that there is rumbling

22 hours ago, DurhamGirl said:

Thanks!  I shall stop posting so much, the reason I have been is that a) I am genuinly interested to hear what folk who have been around for a while say b) its been a bit quiet.


Search through the forums, most of the threads you create are about topics that have been discussed to death. 

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On 25/08/2020 at 4:16 AM, DurhamGirl said:

With no end in sight of the pandemic, indeed in the UK schools open next week and then winter which could mean no concerts next year and no music  where do they go now, is it the end for Guns n Roses.

It would help if they were to make themselves more visible but they dont seem to want to do this.

I'd say that the virus its on a bad shape compared to what it was on January, since we walked years within 7 months.

I'm not anxious for a vacine as much as I am for a medicine. 
As for GN'R, I don't believe they are going to end in the next 2 years, but i'm pretty much sure that they're reaching the end of the(ir) road, and won't be lasting for 10 more years.

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On 26/08/2020 at 8:22 AM, SoulMonster said:

I am not denying that you think it is unlistenable, that's only for you to decide. My point was that if the majority of fans attending the shows think it is unlistenable, too, then that would quickly result in people stopping to attend the shows leading to the tour's cancellatio. because no one will accpt paying money for something that is unlistenable. So we have to conclude that most people attending the shows don't find it unlistenable. It wouldn't have been such a successful tour if it was.

I was at Download 2018 and oddly Axl didn't sound as bad as he did on the NITLT select. When you're there live rocking out and singing you don't critic Axl's voice. 

But on the NITLT select Slither, Sweet Child and Rocket Queen Axl was appalling. It was close to unlistenable. Full on Mickey. Axl was spitting and snotting everywhere so I hope it was partly down to being ill. 

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On 25/08/2020 at 8:34 PM, DurhamGirl said:

Thanks!  I shall stop posting so much, the reason I have been is that a) I am genuinly interested to hear what folk who have been around for a while say b) its been a bit quiet.


It's a fair question. Don't let the experts with thousands of posts stop you from posting. 

Personally if there's no new music I'd like one more tour and then let the creative members do their thing. Yes please to Slash N Myles, Duff solo/Loaded/Walking Papers and Dizzy solo. 

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On 8/26/2020 at 9:25 AM, downzy said:

GNR will be done when Axl has enough money to live the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to for the rest of his days.

Possibly never then, his entourage must cost a fortune, I personally think it's one reason the band in all its versions continued on (particularly the Vegas stints and stuff). I'm sure he is comfortable and has investments etc. but at the end of the day i get the impression over the years that like most of us, and other large corporations, he lives just barely within his means. Every now and then he has to do hit the road with any version of Guns and make coin.

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I doubt Axl made any money for himself with NuGnR. A band has a lot of expenses. In Axl's case, there were expenses beyond the regular ones - for example, the NuGnR entity must have lost a lot of money on the disastrous 2002 tour. So he probably toured because he needed the money to keep the band going. And if the band lost more money than it made, it would eventually have an impact on Axl's personal finances as well. He probably would have made the same if not more if he had retired and lived off his royalties and investments. 

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