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'Not in this Lifetime' Selects - Overview

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This should not be a discussion thread, rather an overview of all the 'NITL Selects' they uploaded so far. I will update this thread when a new one is uploaded. 


Salt Lake City, UT - 29.10.2019

1. It's So Easy

2. Chinese Democracy

3. Double Talkin' Jive

Uploaded on 22.05.2020


Download Festival, UK - 09.06.2018

1. Slither

2. Rocket Queen

3. You Could Be Mine

4. Attitude

5. Sweet Child O' Mine

Uploaded on 20.06.2020



Houston, TX - 05.08.2016 + Mexico City, Mexico - 19./20.04.2016

1. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory + New Rose (Mexico City) 

2. My Michelle (Mexico City) 

3. Coma (Houston) 

4. This I Love (Mexico City) 

5. Out Ta Get Me (Houston) 

6. November Rain (Mexico City) 

Uploaded on 29.08.2020



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Using the 2016 concert I went to as a baseline (with modifications for songs later played), 

It's So Easy (Salt Lake City 2019)
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy (Salt Lake City 2019)
Welcome to the Jungle (I've seen a Youtube video from Download 2018, TV Feed it looks like)
Double Talkin' Jive (Salt Lake City 2019)
Live and Let Die

Slither (Download 2018)
Rocket Queen (Download 2018)
Raw Power
You Could Be Mine (Download 2018)

Attitude (Download 2018)

New Rose (Mexico 2016)

This I Love (Mexico City 2016)
Civil War
Coma (Houston 2016)
Speak Softly Love
Sweet Child o' Mine (Download 2018)

My Michelle (Mexico City 2016)

Out Ta Get Me
Wish You Were Here
November Rain (Mexico City 2016)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door

The Seeker
Paradise City

We're slowly getting a full setlist.  I like that we've got two Duff songs so far (pretty sure he only gets one per night)

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[  ] Shadow Of Your Love

[  ] Welcome To The Jungle
[X] It’s So Easy
[  ] Nightrain
[X] Out Ta Get Me
[  ] Mr. Brownstone
[  ] Paradise City
[X] My Michelle
[X] Sweet Child O‘ Mine
[X] Rocket Queen

[  ] Patience
[  ] Used To Love Her
[  ] You're Crazy

[  ] Live And Let Die
[  ] Don't Cry
[X] Double Talkin' Jive
[X] November Rain
[  ] Dead Horse
[X] Coma

[  ] Civil War
[  ] Yesterdays
[  ] Knockin' On Heaven's Door
[  ] Locomotive
[  ] So Fine
[  ] Estranged
[X] You Could Be Mine

[X] New Rose
[  ] Raw Power
[X] Attitude
[X] You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

[X] Slither

[X] Chinese Democracy
[  ] Better
[  ] There Was A Time
[  ] Catcher In The Rye
[  ] Sorry
[  ] Madagascar
[X] This I Love
[  ] Prostitute


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Thank you for doing this. Its a good topic. I haven't been following it too well as it turned out to be another broken promise by the management, so its cool that you have summarised it and if it can be updated if anything happens then even better! Cheers

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