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Brain: "Nobody liked Tom Zutaut"

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It speaks volumes when the Guns N' Roses experience is summarized as a mistake, at least from Bucket's position.  Brain still seems to be on okay terms.

Not surprised at all that Zutaut played a big role in creating this animosity within the band.  I highly recommend checking out all the clips from the Brain interview linked in the OP.

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10 hours ago, lame ass security said:

Yeah, I always thought that porn story was a bit suspect. It was a great story though.  Especially the part where it supposedly freaked Axl out, come on man.

Their first two releases had tits on the cover (though one set were cartoon tits), he's even getting his dick sucked on Rocket Queen :lol:

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17 minutes ago, Shackler's said:

New part of the interview uploaded just an hour ago: 


In this vid, towards the start, Brain says he and Mel have been writing lots of music for Facebook. I cant think of anyone more suited to write the music for social media, than Mel.

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7 hours ago, mcmurray said:

Anyone else looking forward to Brain's Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack? That one should be massive on his composer resume.

I'd be willing to bet Bucket will feature on it too.

Apologies for going off-topic.

I’m looking forward to the game for sure. I wasn’t aware Brain is the composer. That Is fucking cool. 

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