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09/26/21 - Baltimore, MD - Royal Farms Arena


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3 minutes ago, ChrisMaciel said:

He mentioned something about soundcheck or playing it earlier in the set.

anybody has the exact quote?

I think he was referring to the mexico 2020 soundcheck. He also said they had meant to play it earlier in the set tonight but they had a “glitch.” Axl’s IEM stopped working for a bit or something.

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Sounded much like how I thought it'd sound live tbh. 

Personally I think Axl could still do the full rasp and stuff, just needs to work on and maintain his 'instrument' and perhaps particularly with new songs turn up to rehearsals and practice it with the band (which doubt he does going by his record with rehearsals). 

Always  shame feeling like that, but it was no bad or worse then plenty of the other vocal performances we've had from him the majority of the years to date. 

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1 minute ago, Subtle Signs said:

Lol. This Forum rules. Half say it was awesome,half say Axl sucked. I'm more curious to know the live crowds reaction. Obviously they are there for the classics but the song is out so did anyone care or did it go over like a fart in church?

I think the crowd cheered the moment he said 'lower education' :P

By the way what were those graphics, it looked like a PS2 videogame wtf :lol:

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Man, Frank's drums always sound so much better on Meegan's streams than they do in the actual mix. His snare is tuned great, his ghost notes are always spot on, and yet neither come across with the unnecessary amount of compression added in the house mix.

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I love Axl. I was Team Axl for 20 years. I'm still Team Axl. I happen to be wearing a GNR shirt with Axl alone on it as I type this.

But there's a lot of evidence piling up that his voice is gone. 

The way he sounds live more often than not,  the fact that their Plan A for new music is to rework songs that already have his vocal track from 20 years ago on it...

I didn't think he sounded great on Hard Skool but he didn't sound any worse than he does a lot of times these days.




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8 minutes ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

Is this the closest we’re gonna get to Eye on You live? :takethat:

All jokes aside I’m really glad they played it. Sounded pretty good overall, pretty damn difficult for Axl it seems though.

I liked the variations on the hey hey part, makes me wish he'd bothered recording it like that for the song, rather than just lifting it from Eye On You. 

Regarding the live performance, I can't bring myself to say anything bad. We begged them for new stuff, they released and performed two new songs. The quality of Axl's vocal was always going to be an issue, but even just a sprinkling of rasp here and there would make the world of difference.

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