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08/13/21 - Missoula, MT - Grizzly Stadium


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26 minutes ago, jonah said:

Just curious if a gnr stage personnel gets covid would they cancel? Or If say frank got it would they cancel or bring in a quick replacement? Wonder if they have a contingency plan for that. Its obviously an axl/slash/duff show and I know I’d be pissed if they canceled cause Melissa got sick

They'd cancel. I know the band and their crew members are traveling in a 'bubble' and seperate from the others so they're doing everything they can to not get it...aside from going to museums and truck stops.

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6 minutes ago, DarkLotus1111 said:

Fernando and Beta should go on stage with sock puppets and perform various of classic theatre plays ranging from Romeo and Juliet, Chicago, insulting the fans, etc. 

That would be so embarrassing... for the sock puppets.

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