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08/19/21 - Los Angeles, CA - Banc of California Stadium


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8 minutes ago, Marcelo Garay said:

Do you think KOHD is too long? Just wait for KOHD 2 to come out on the next album

A dobble album whit disc2 containing a 75min renedition of KOHD…. Just imagine that track on LP… a 8 box album of KOHD:thumbsup:

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9 minutes ago, Gibson_Guy87 said:

Things you can actually do in the time it takes to play KOHD:

1. Listen to the studio version 3 times

2. Have a beer

3. Call a friend

4. Watch almost an entire episode of a TV show

5. Go for a quick walk

6. Pay your bills

7. Brew a pot of coffee

8. Listen to the 12 minute RQ

I would probably do 3, 4 and 7 at the same time :lol:

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7 minutes ago, Free Bird said:

I heard they'll release the new album by the time they're finishing KOHD next.

OK, well at least we know the album is never coming. I feel better just knowing that now 

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8 hours ago, cqleonardo said:

I don't really like The Seeker but Axl was seems so happy doing it that I'm kinda into it

I have never minded this song honestly. Axl does well with it and plus it is a VERY short song....compared to well, you know! KOHD :P 

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49 minutes ago, DownUnderScott said:


I would love to hear a "new" studio version of Knockin...

But it should already been released for a some catastrophic, fire, flooding COVID-19 or something like that. For charity...

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