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Trump called November Rain “the greatest music video of all time"

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Imagine Donald Trump telling you how great the November Rain video is. Then he plays the video for you on his phone. And you just sit there silently for 9 minutes, while Trump sits on the ot

A broken, unpresidential clock can always get one thing right every 30 years 20 bucks says it was cause he thought Stephanie Seymour was hot in the video  

Trump is correct as always. Trump knows best.

13 hours ago, Silent Jay said:

From Sarah Huckabee's new book :


November Rain was also played at the Michigan rally tonight.



Trump "See its the best, the marriage ended quickly before she aged at all, which is perfect. And then this lady has half her head blown off. Probably had blood coming from other places too...There were good people on both sides of that gun shot death"

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1 hour ago, soon said:

Trump "See its the best, the marriage ended quickly before she aged at all, which is perfect. And then this lady has half her head blown off. Probably had blood coming from other places too...There were good people on both sides of that gun shot death"

Or maybe she "killed herself" before testifying against the Clinton's?

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18 hours ago, WhazUp said:

20 bucks says it was cause he thought Stephanie Seymour was hot in the video

It may very well be it. :lol:

And there may be more, as Trump and Peter Brant, her husband, have been childhood friends and it also seems Trump had known her before through other channels:



Brant: [...] The answer is that he basically has, you know, where he has changed is he has become a public persona. He wants to be. The other thing I’ve noticed here because I’ve been playing in this U.S. Open between that and the Gold Cup tournament, when I go out to Wellington I pass his plane all the time.

Miller: The big Trump label on the side and all that? 

Brant: The big Trump label on the side. I must say, this guy, he’s clocking some hours. I mean he’s really –- because you see the plane here. It’s there for like 10 to 12 hours and he’s gone. So he’s obviously working really, really hard. My wife and I did go on the plane in the end of the ‘90s or maybe early 2000 because he chose Stephanie to be a judge in the Miss Universe.

Miller: That’s the one-time thing that you guys did on there or --?

Brant: No, no, it was the --

Miller: The final or something --

Brant: That was the only time. It was we flew from New York down to Trinidad where it was. I think my wife is one of them. Patrick Demarchelier a friend of mine who was a photographer was one of them. I think Holyfield was one of them. And Stephanie is a famous model, so that’s why -- she’s been working as a model since she was 15, so he thought she would be a good person to judge and I went along for the ride.

Miller: Yeah. 

Brant: So I went in the plane.

Miller: How was it? I mean was it strange to see your childhood friend kind of at the center of this production? I mean that was before the whole presidential run. 

Brant: I mean, a complete mystery. I thought he must have done this to sort of meet girls or something like that. Why would you do it? But then he -- you know with The Apprentice and everything -- I was not on The Apprentice. My son appeared on The Apprentice by accident because part of the task that they chose was to organize a charity polo game in Connecticut, and the person that was -- my son who now runs the paper company, his job then was to manage the Polo Club for a couple of summers. [...]

Miller: So Donald kind of took credit for that?

Brant: Yeah, he kind of takes the credit for that one, when this kid is like really riffed. I mean that’s probably the least impressive thing he’s done. It’s always like with Donald, the dialogue you watch, if you’re talking to him, it won’t go 30 seconds or 60 seconds without the conversation turning back to him, and a kind of faux love. 


Miller: How did you guys get in touch again or meet up again? How’d that happen?

Brant: It happened, I was in a lunch with the CEO of Cushman and Wakefield. He had said that he had mentioned my name somehow or other, having something to do with horse racing to Donald and Donald said oh, he and I are old friends. Then he said to me, why don’t you guys get together? The head of Cushman and Wakefield was involved in racing a bit, and that’s how we got back in touch with one another. And then more so after I was with Stephanie, like it was the early ‘90s. No, the ‘80s, when I saw him at Mar-a-Lago, the time I went with Prince Charles because he had just gotten it then. We connected then, and then with Stephanie, she had known a friend of Donald’s and then she was the judge on the Miss Universe. 

But later Stephanie didn't like Trump, according to Brant:


Brant: [Trump and I] live in the same city. I took us a long time to --

Miller: Reconnect?

Brant: To reconnect, and I would say now we’re probably not reconnected. We’re not connected because I think my wife Stephanie is –- she had a friend who dated him or whatever, I don’t know, but she basically --

Miller: This is post-Marla Maples or when --?

Brant: Post-Marla Maples, yeah. 

Miller: Yeah.

Brant: Lee [phonetic] --

Miller: You said that friend didn’t have nice things to say or your wife just has her own opinion of Donald?

Brant: She has her own opinion. I don’t know what the girl said. She has her own opinion. I think she just -- and Donald might not like her either, so I can’t -- 

And then Trump got involved in their marriage:


Miller: When was the last time you guys spoke?

Brant: The last time I spoke to him was he sent me a letter. The last time I spoke to him was when he sent me a letter, which I didn’t answer, which was about a year ago - a year and a half ago. It just, it was a nice letter but it had to do with kind of like it was like marriage counseling kind of letter. You know I’ve been married to Stephanie for 20 years, but at that time we were having a little difficulty and we were thinking about getting a divorce, so it was really --

Miller: So he was offering his advice or he was asking for advice?

Brant: No. He was offering his advice.

Miller: Just kind of unsolicited?

Brant: Unsolicited. 

Miller: I mean I’m curious. Can you tell me what he said? I mean what was his advice? I mean he had been married to Melania for like [cross-talking]

Brant: I mean it was kind of like I wouldn’t really want to print it or anything, but I’ll tell you. He was just basically saying I told you so, like do yourself a favor.

Miller: I told you so in the sense of like this is what you get for marrying a supermodel or what? 

Brant: Well, this is what you get for marrying a supermodel, which is basically the furthest thing from the truth because she’s a lovely, sweet person, kind person. It really had to with other things.... It was a thing that had come between us but we have worked out, so my reaction was always just to try to work it out. You’ve got a family and everything like that, but I’m not annoyed that he did that. Because that’s him, but it’s like with no compass. He didn’t know where he is. It’s not like he knows her really well. And I must say I think he and I were both very lapsed in not being in contact. Very rare that you get a friend of that nature and that you just forget. And what it really shows is that the lack of focus that you have of the past because you’re so concerned about what’s happening to you in the present, in getting ahead. I’m guilty of the same thing. There was nothing that he did or I did or anything that stepped in our way. We were truly, really good friends and in a sense, we still really are really good friends.

I mean I would never say a statement like this guy is not capable of having a position like President of the United States. I think that there is a perception and a reality. And in his case, the perception is probably worse than the reality. Because, it’s like taking things and throwing them against the wall and hoping that it sticks. Again, I would love nothing better than to see him become the President of the United States because we went to school together. But that’s not a statement on whether I think he’s able enough compared to others for that office. 


Breaking the cardinal second-marriage rule in the multimillionaire’s handbook, [Brant] wed without a prenuptial agreement.

“He was basically head over heels in love with her,” said a person close to Mr. Brant, who requested anonymity because he didn’t want to be publicly linked to the divorce case. “He’s more of a romantic than one would give him credit for at first glance, and it was very much a function of that. There was no discussion of a prenup. He thought this would last forever.”

It might be the most costly error of Mr. Brant’s life. And it has at least one close friend scratching his head in consternation.

“It’s called sign on the dotted line,” says Donald Trump, a classmate and childhood buddy of Peter Brant, having grown up with him in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens. “Being the king of prenups, I’m pretty good at that stuff. You have to have it. You’re dealing with huge finances and you need some certainty in your life and a prenup will hold up 100 percent if it’s properly drawn.”

All of which leaves Mr. Trump a tad puzzled about his old pal. “I’m surprised at Peter. But women can do things to men that are very unusual.”



By the time Brant v. Brant goes to trial on Sept. 20, the two sides will have generated more than 12,000 pages of public divorce documents (with thousands more sealed), paid millions of dollars in lawyers fees and fractured an already delicate cadre of family and friends forced to take sides.

Among their neighbors in Greenwich, the enclave of hedge fund managers and Connecticut bluebloods, the reaction to the Brants’ nasty dispute is largely one of witnessing a car wreck they want to move quickly past.

At the most basic level, this has turned into a case of “he said, she said,” with charges ranging from infidelity to rampant drug use. To complicate matters, Mr. Brant, whose estimated net worth is near $500 million, did not sign a prenuptial agreement.

“I was very surprised when he married her” without a prenup, said Donald Trump, the twice-divorced mogul who has known the couple for years and who is married to an ex-model. “It’s a lot easier to get done when you love each other than when you hate each other. And they hate each other. It’s a mess.”



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21 hours ago, Top-Hatted One said:

Maybe Axl hates Trump because he and Stephanie had a fling

Would be an interesting trump tweet to axl, " axl your only jealous because i had her first. So when im walking down your street at night, ill be in with another deep down inside" . Trump 2020 GNR2021".

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2 hours ago, siraddam said:

I always thought that Guns were a perfect right wing anti establishment kind of band. I think Axl had that kind of mind set originally, but he has been massively influenced by the people around him and he's a different person nowadays. 

I think I've read some bizarre and ridiculous things on here.....then I hear someone describe GNR as the "perfect right wing" band and realize I still have some way to go. 


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3 hours ago, siraddam said:

I always thought that Guns were a perfect right wing anti establishment kind of band. I think Axl had that kind of mind set originally, but he has been massively influenced by the people around him and he's a different person nowadays. 


Damn right son, them godt damned libs' got 'em brain warshed. 

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