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New Guns N' Roses Pinball revealed

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"Featuring new music by Slash"

They can't even release like 30 seconds of new music for a goddamn pinball game. 

Also, I'm sure the "Guns N' Roses Pinball" shirt the woman in the promo is wearing will be up on GN'Rs site for like $30.

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To bring another angle to the discussion, I’ll share that as a consumer I’m actually baffled that there isn’t any “People, Planet, Profit” or “Socailly Responsible” aspect being advertised.

Just like how most of us agreed on about the Covid t-shirt. :headbang:

As a consumer i find this to be yet another aspect of Guns being completely out of touch with us.

I can’t think of the last time I happily made a considerable purchase that didn’t have those elements in play.

For this Id expect to see,

- made from a sustainable wood

- conflict free minerals

- 1% of proceeds goes to a charity that promotes girls participation in STEM (science, tech, engineering, math)

- Energy Star certified for efficient power consumption

- that the NITL game about ‘getting the band on stage’ would have some proceeds going to the unemployed roadies who litterally get the band on stage

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1 hour ago, FRANSAD said:


Game features include a real drum stick ramp, platinum record spinning toy, guitar pick spinners, hand sculpted toys, articulating spotlights, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and so much more! This kinetic work of art brings the concert alive with hundreds of LED lights, multiple LCD displays showing custom animations and hours of Not In This Lifetime concert footage, while 21 full-length studio master tracks from Guns N’ Roses blast from the 120 Watt 2.1 stereo sound system! Will there ever be another rock and roll pinball experience like this? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!




So basically someone is gonna get one of these and rip the footage from it....lovely!!

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1 hour ago, rocknroll41 said:

Does she, tho? Apart from the talking clips, that is? Sounds like the “new” song is just Slash.

Regardless of what we all think...technically it’s going to be classed as a new GNR song if by Slash and on a GNR pinball machine.

Pity we didn’t get a full studio version of Ain’t Going Down.

Actually - imagine the CD tracks were re-recorded by the NITL line-up....😂

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22 minutes ago, FRANSAD said:

I'm starting to wonder at which point this band got into thinking that GNR fans are all millionaires and that our money pockets are bottomless.
Actually i would even be surprised that if you buy this machine, you still have to put in money for it to function and someone like Dell will come by to collect that each month.


I've said this tons of times, but somewhere along the line GN'R started mistaking their fans for Stones fans from the 80s or Eagles fans from the 90s.

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Do people buy these for their homes or do they end up in arcades, bars etc...

I guess it must be a mostly US thing because I don't think I've ever met anyone who owned a pinball machine. Might be because most of us have tiny houses over here.

I presume they're very expensive?

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Guns N' Roses™ Collectors Edition




  • Appetite for Destruction Mirrored RadCal Cabinet Art Package
  • Appetite-Purple Powder Coat + Laser-cut Cabinet Trim
  • Purple Emotion Plastic Set
  • Hand Drawn Band vs Barron CE Mirrored Backglass
  • Individually Numbered and Limited to 500
  • 600+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
  • JJP Sparkle Gibson Headstock Upper Playfield with 6 Ball Lock
  • 4 Flippers
  • Individually Controllable RGB LED Hotrail Lighting
  • Triple-Kinetic Diverter Fender Bass Head Mini Playfield
  • Triple Path 4-String Bass Ramp Wireform
  • 2 Full Motion Articulating RGB LED Stage Spotlights
  • High Hat and Cymbal Interactive Drum Kit Pop Bumper Toys
  • Analog + Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity
  • Shaker Motor
  • Invisiglass
  • Signature Card Signed by Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash
  • Drumstick Ramp Signed by Frank Ferrer
  • Unique CE-Exclusive Playfield Artwork featuring JJP Sparkle
  • Individually Controllable RGB LED Under & Rear Cabinet Lighting Kit
  • 60Watt JJP Sound Bar with Individually Controllable RGB LED Lit Topper
  • Rose Flowers Action Button Sculpture
  • COMA Outlane Ball Save Physical Lock-up Feature



SKU: 99-600008-02

Price: $12,500.00

Stock Availability: Reserve Now!
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