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Was having a chat with @Len Cnut earlier about a mate of mine used to front a great band until he died recently. Poor fucker should have made it much bigger than he did. RIP Matty. :( 







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11 hours ago, Dazey said:



I'd like everyone that pops into this thread to have a listen to this, am I the only one hearing what I think I'm hearing, that is a fuckin' class tune!  I've listened to it like 10 times since last night, that is fuckin' brilliant, Christ, think of the sort of songs that used to top the charts by guitar bands in the fuckin' mid to late 90s and even early 00s, this tune REALLY stands up, there's nothing in the least bit amateurish or lacking about it in anyway that makes you think that like, if it were promoted and came out at the right time, wouldn't be a massive fuckin' tune.  Its got its own voice, don't sound like a knock off of anything. 

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