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This will probably be a disaster. I watched seasons 1-4 like 10 years ago and decided to call it a day after hearing how bad it got

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7 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

This will probably be a disaster. I watched seasons 1-4 like 10 years ago and decided to call it a day after hearing how bad it got

Oh it was really bad. There's not much point in watching past the season 4 finale, the later seasons go from boring to absurdly bad. The finale is legendary for how bad it as a send off and slap in the face for fans.

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1 hour ago, AtariLegend said:

After one of the worst finales of all time, the show with more bad seasons than good returns.



Maybe they can declare the last seasons a dream? Just have him step out of the shower, please. :P But, that said, I'm still somewhat excited. And apparently the showrunner from season 1 - 4 is involved. So that could mean good things.

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You can’t blame them for wanting to give it a better ending. Especially considering the last few seasons (not to mention the series finale) were SO bad that they even managed cast a pall on the good seasons. But the show has so totally faded into obscurity that seems like...too much too late or something.

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So happy about Dexter coming back to SHO! Love this show so much.

I knew by the look on Dexter's face at the end he would be back killing again. I wonder if he'll be killing in the Pacific Northwest or back to Miami.  I do love the other actors who were on the show with him, so can't wait to see when and where Dexter will show up. Sorry that his sister is gone, but I'm sure there are plenty of horrible people who need doing in! lol

11 hours ago, Towelie said:

Seasons 1, 2, 4 and 7 were good-great

Seasons 3, 5 and 6 were weak. 

Season 8 was visual assault punishable only by death. 

I agree about season 8. Once Dexter got married and had kids he lost his edge. His sister was killed because of his mistakes.

Let's hope Dexter has his edge back otherwise it would be a waste of bringing this show back again. 

21 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

I know about the finale and it is worse than have of thrones in terms of ruining a story

The only thing good about the finale is when Dexter looked up at the camera. I knew he wasn't finished then!

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Got my weekly TV guide and there was an article on Dexter. 

The new episodes will be 8 years after the finale and Dexter is now in a new place, somewhere we haven't seen him before. There was a hint of some of the other characters too maybe his son Harrison who would be a teenager now. Also a new bad serial killer. The article said Dexter is more grounded than he's ever been, but still has that dark passenger inside him.

I hope he's like the Dexter he started out as. The last sentence was "This is Dexter and people are going to die" Awesome!

There will be ten episodes The show hopes to begin filming in January 2021.

Something good is coming to 2021~

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