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My CHZ is holding at around £0.36 but they've had some pretty big news lately and coming up, I think it'll start its next pump later this month and it should test for a new ATH:-

  • Four new teams fan tokens released in the last fortnight (Legia Warsaw, Fortuna Sittard, Goztepe, & Universidad de Chile)
  • First NHL partnership with the New Jersey Devils announced
  • UFC are finally releasing their fan token on CHZ this June
  • Another Spanish La Liga team, Levante, announced they'll release a fan token on CHZ
  • Man City, who already have a fan token on CHZ, just made the Champions League final
  • Deal with their first Formula 1 team should be announced within a fortnight
  • CEO of CHZ said last week that they're hoping to announce deals with Indian Cricket teams as well as Japanese and Korean Baseball teams soon.
  • Chiliz Blockchain v2.0 is in the works.
  • Socios.com app (which is where CHZ is spent) had a big update to include gamification features and other stuff

Some of these teams fan tokens on the socios.com app can be easy money too, probably better than just holding CHZ to be honest. If you buy during the fan tokens initial release (Socios call it an FTO) then they usually cost between $2-3 per fan token, but they quickly go up in value when they can be traded. Barcelonas token is currently trading at $38, but has had an all time high of $72. The $BAR token originally sold for $2.50 in the FTO so that'd be a 3500% increase at it's ATH, which would be a huge profit :headbang: I'm definitely gonna try and buy some $UFC tokens as they're gonna be worth a lot.

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Crypto has had a good week and looks like it's about to pump up again :D Already seeing some daily 10% gains and BTC is yet to hit a new all time high so expecting it to keep going up over the next week (fingers crossed)

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